Joan Collins has published sixteen books, beginning in 1985 with her first best-selling autobiography, PAST IMPERFECT, which she followed with THE JOAN COLLINS BEAUTY BOOK. Her debut novel, PRIME TIME, was published in 1988 and her second novel, LOVE & DESIRE & HATE followed in 1990.

Her beauty book MY SECRETS was published in 1994 and remained on the best-seller list for over three months. Another novel TOO DAMN FAMOUS also went into the best-seller lists in 1995. Her second autobiography, SECOND ACT, also went straight into the best-seller lists and she then wrote a sequel to MY SECRETS entitled MY FRIENDS SECRETS. Another novel, STAR QUALITY came out in 2002 and was quickly followed by a beauty book JOAN'S WAY in October of the same year. Her novel, MISFORTUNE’S DAUGHTERS, was published in 2005 and in October 2006 her inspirational self-help book “THE ART OF LIVING WELL” was published both in the US and the UK.

She contributes articles on a regular basis for The Spectator, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, The Daily Mail, The Times and The Telegraph.

In 2011, Constable & Robinson published her satirical journal THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JOAN followed by PASSION FOR LIFE in 2013. Her latest novel, THE ST. TROPEZ LONELY HEARTS CLUB was just published by Little, Brown in November and is currently available in bookstores across the UK and a special US version was produced in conjunction with Amazon for the US market. THE ST. TROPEZ LONELY HEARTS CLUB was released in 2016 to great acclaim. Joan's latest book her diaries entitled MY UNAPOLOGETIC DIARIES were released in October 2021