Project Alert! : Glow and Darkness .. Coming Soon!

Exciting news that Joan will join the cast of the international series ‘Glow and Darkness’ which also stars Jane Seymour, Denise Richards and Bruce Davidson…
Press Release July 1st 2020…

Glow & Darkness will narrate the time and life of some of the characters gravitating around the figure of Francisco de Asís, a time when ambition, cruelty, the clash of religion and the clash of Christian and Saracen cultures, make it a spectacular period in history, we find characters such as the Lionheart ( Bruce Davidson ) and Eleanor of Aquitaine ( Jane Seymour ).

The filming has an exceptional casting and a top-level technical team, in the cast we have a highly prestigious international cast such as Jane Seymour, Dennise Richards & Bruce Davison, in addition to great Spanish figures such as Fernando Gil, who presented a new film this Last Friday the 26th, with which he has already won his first international award as best actor for the film La strip de Álex .

The recording of the series passed through Morocco but due to the Pandemic it stopped last March and it is now in July when filming resumes in Spain.

This time Jose Luis Moreno announced his latest signing for the cast, the legendary Joan Collins. The actress is internationally known for her character as Alexis Carrington Colby in Dynasty , which has been one of the highest rated Prime Time shows in the history of television dramas. She played this character for nine years, earning her a Golden Globe and a People “s Choice Award in addition to numerous nominations in different categories.