DAILY MAIL : JULY 24th 2017 .. The One Lesson I’ve Learned From Life! ..

The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Dame Joan Collins on why we should resist the urge to over-plan…

 By Anna Pursglove

Resist The Urge To Over-Plan Life..

In my latest film ‘The Time Of Their lives’, my character Helen says: ”By mistake – that’s how the best things happen!”

It’s true! I met Percy when he stage-managed a production of ‘Love Letters’ I was starring in. I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time. I even try not to over-plan my social life, though that’s hard to do. Percy and I go to the South of France for three months each summer and we have to plan then because I love seeing my friends and family and may stay with us. It’s like running a guest house – Fawlty Towers in St Tropez!

If you plan your day too rigidly you don’t leave yourself any down time, which is when you have your best ideas. My mother used to relax for an hour or two every afternoon. I try to write something every day. Even if it’s just a couple of lines. Writing is like a muscle, you need to keep using it to refine it. I have an idea for a script but I’m not talking about it yet!

Some women spend vast amounts of time planning Botox and fillers but I don’t think they achieve anything you can’t get with a good base. Test it on the back of your hand and just slap it on your face. That’s why theatre people call it slap. In my opinion, women who spend hours on injections don’t look nearly as good as women who just apply a good foundation every day, which is something you barely need to think about!

There are, of course, things that you definitely do need to plan. Your wardrobe, for example. I adore clothes, but find it harder and harder to shop.

Everything feels too girlish or too mumsy. And those ridiculous mid-calf wide trousers that are everywhere now. Only tall models look good in those.

I know what suits me and that is what I wear — not the latest fashions. If you haven’t become self-confident by my age then, frankly, you never will.

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