THE SPECTATOR LIFE .. How To Survive The Party Season .. November 4th 2016

How to survive the party season

It’s going to be murder out there, from now till New Year. Spectactor Life writer Dame Joan Collins explain how to get through it!


 There are various simple ways to survive the six-week explosion of embossed white-card invitations,exclusive ‘e-vites’ and the occasional last-minute phone call that many of us receive between November and the New Year. My best advice is to bin the invitations that celebrate the opening of a restaurant, shop or gallery.In my experience these will be choc-a-bloc with people I don’t know among a sprinkling of paparazzos. Conserve your energies for those intimate gatherings where you are sure to see plenty of friends and no cameras. Once you’ve decided which venue you will honour with your presence, here are some survival tips: eat something before you leave — some soup, a hard-
boiled egg, hummus on crackers; alcohol on an empty stomach is the quickest route to a hangover. If it’s a drinks party, don’t stay too long as you’re bound to get plastered. If it’s a dinner party, arrive 45 minutes after the indicated time so that you don’t drink too much before dinner; that long cocktail hour, which too often becomes an hour and a half, can be fatal. And finally, be picky. Don’t be the person who goes to the opening of an envelope. The two golden rules of showbiz — always play hard to get and leave them wanting more — apply to everything in life!