The Australian Financial Review June 28th 2016

Joan Collins reveals why make-up is good for you..

by Katarina Kroslakova

Actress and author Joan Collins reveals her timeless beauty secrets and favourite indulgences.

What is your idea of luxury?

Time (laughs) … But the most luxurious thing to me in the world is a private plane. I would love to have my own plane because we spend so much time on a plane and we have friends who have planes and it’s wonderful to be able to use them. Mind you, they’re always breaking down!

What about a more commercially realistic indulgence?

My luxury is caviar. [My husband] Percy and I, every time we celebrate something we will go down to a place in Santa Monica, or Kensington in London, and buy a big can of caviar and have it between the two of us with a baked potato and sour cream, and a little bit of voddie! Voddie for the body!

Has your idea of luxury changed over the years?

What has changed, as you get older, is you want creature comforts. You want more pillows, you want more candles, you want more flowers. It’s very important for me to have flowers wherever I am. Because I travel so much it’s important to have the things around me that I like.

Which places are the most inspiring for you?

I love, love Saint Tropez. I have a house near there and I try to spend at least three months a year down there. I find it relaxing and inspirational – the sky, the air, there’s a glow about the whole place. I find New York a tremendously exciting city also, but in America I prefer LA, it’s more laid back. And London, of course, I adore London.

What was your first luxury purchase?

I was 17 and I had just made my first money doing a very small job in a movie. I saw a dress in a shop window that I coveted and it was £20, which was a fortune back then. It was strapless, with a very small waist. I told my agent about it as I needed to borrow some money from him and he was appalled I wanted to spend so much money on a dress. But I bought it anyway.

Favourite fashion designer?

I really, really like Ralph Lauren, he really knows how to make a woman of any age look good.

Favourite drink?

At the moment it’s a pisco sour, which I discovered in Peru recently.

Tell us about your make-up line, how that originated.

[Beauty entrepreneur] George Hammer came to me at an event, we sat and talked and he was praising me for my skin and asking what products I use, so I told him.

Do you always tell people your secrets?

I do actually. I’m a bit of a schmuck like that (laughs). So we amalgamated the formulas into these new make-up products because I’d been using them for years and years and I’d researched them and had good results.

Some people hate that made-up look…

That’s such rubbish. People who are against make-up are those who use soap and water and you look at them when they’re 50 and they look awful. My make-up is actually good for your skin.

What is the most transforming item of make-up?


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