South Africa Woman & Home March 2016


Joan Collins Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets

Dame Joan Collins still makes time to look elegant and beautiful…She reveals her surprisingly simple, yet best beauty secrets here.

 “Don’t blow-dry your hair – it’s the worst thing you can do.

I have very fine hair, and if I’m not wearing a wig, I like to put a few rollers in, let it dry naturally, then brush it out. But I like to have big hair, so I wear hairpieces and wigs. I know that people still turn their noses up at them, but lots of pop stars and actresses wear them.”

“Keep out of the sun. I’ve been wearing sun protection, sunglasses and a big hat for years.”

“Always wear moisturiser, and take off your make-up at night.”

“Try not to get too stressed because it shows in your complexion!”

“I either wear a lot of eye make-up, or none at all. But I’ve always favoured a smoky eye – a look I invented when I starred in The Stud and The Bitch.”

“Keep your eyebrow pencils as sharp as a pin.” Defining your eyes is key to looking good.

“Stay in shape and eat well. I have a personal trainer, and think I could still do the splits if

I limbered up and stretched every day.”