Good Housekeeping : What’s in Joan Collins Makeup Bag?


We chatted to Joan Collins about her new make-up range, Timeless Beauty, and her passion for wearing lipstick – even at the gym!


How did the inspiration for your skincare and latest make-up range come about?

Through the years I have been very fortunate to learn many beauty secrets from great professionals like Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder, who was Marilyn Monroe’s personal make-up artist. I know how confident I feel when wearing great make-up, and I want to share my knowledge with other women. Creating the Timeless Beauty range has enabled me to create great products that will give other women the same confidence.


How long does it take you to apply your make-up?

I like my skincare regime to be quick, efficient and uncomplicated, but when I’m doing my make-up it completely depends on where I’m going. I just throw on my foundation and lipstick, which takes one minute to go to the gym, but if I’m going to a shoot or a red carpet event it can take me up to an hour!

You always look so glamorous – what’s your secret?

I am militant about my skincare regime and always make sure I keep my face out of the sun and protect it with an SPF face cream. A happy disposition, wherever possible, is a great help too. I also love lipstick. I put colour on my lips and it lifts my whole face and makes me feel more confident.

What advice do you wish your mother had given you about looking good?

My love of make-up started at a very young age when I would watch my glamourous mother and aunts apply their make-up. My mother was a very good teacher too, and taught me everything she knew, so I don’t really feel like there is any advice she didn’t pass on.

Joan Collins’ beauty range is avaliable from and Urban Retreat, QVC and Harrods.