Sunday Mirror: Joan Collins picks her 5 Favourite Products from her Timeless Beauty range..

Sunday_MirrorJoan Collins picks her 5 favourite products from her Timeless Beauty range

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Joan Collins learned all her beauty skills when she went to Hollywood, aged 19, from Marilyn Monroe’s legendary make-up man, and she famously did her own make-up on Dynasty.

We’re surprised she’s not been asked to do a beauty range before.

“Me too!” she exclaims, “Percy would always say ‘Oh there’s so and so doing an advert for such and such, and you look much better than she does.”

She drops her voice to a low purr: “My husband is very loyal.”

Here are Joan’s top five picks from her Timeless beauty range:

1. I Am Woman fragrance, £50

“I’m very proud of my I Am Woman fragrance. I wanted it to have a real presence without being overpowering and I personally sampled 50 blends before I was happy”

2. Superlift Eye Serum, £35

“All my products have anti-ageing properties which is incredibly important. One of my favourites is Superlift Eye Serum, which I use before makeup and to touch up during the day. Eye lift in a bottle I call it!”

3. First Base foundation, £25

“My ethos of caring for my skin runs through into the makeup too. For instance the First Base foundation, has SPF and hyaluronic acid for anti-ageing.”

4. Lady Joan Divine Lips Lipstick, £18

“Everybody loves the Lady Joan Divine Lips Lipstick. I’m going to try to get (Joan’s Royals co-star) Elizabeth Hurley onto it even though she always wears a nude.”

5. Class Act Lash Treatment Gel, £20

“A few months ago I pulled out a bunch of eyelashes and then I started using the Class Act Lash Treatment Gel, and they’ve all grown back.”

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is now in store at Urban Retreat, from QVC Joan’s new book, The St Tropez Lonely Hearts Club, is out in November (Little, Brown).